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Metrosafe, Newest Vault Door Manufacturer. in the Philippines. The Best and most affordable Safes and Vault Doors

Thank you for taking the time to view the Metrosafe website. At Metrosafe, we take pride in our Philippine made Safes and Vault Doors. We want your experience of purchasing a Safe or Vault Door with us to be as effortless as possible. We cater to both residential and commercial Safe and Vault Door customers. We have been in business since 2006 but have the experience to help you design your Custom Vault Room and install your Custom Vault Door, in addition to the several standard sizes available. At Metrosafe we are available to answer your questions regarding our Vault Doors, Gun Safes, Gun Vault Doors or Vault Rooms six days a week..

We have the experience to answer questions related to the following:

   •    How thick should the wall to your vault room be
   •    Why two pieces of steel with insulation in between is
         better than one piece of thick steel
   •    How to use High Chromium steel to stop cutting torches
   •    How we can build a custom sized vault door to your specifications
   •    Why we use random relocking device, locking mechanism, and even the reinfocement bars and stud mounting
   •    Why you should use a  relocking device

Please feel free to call with any additional questions that may arise. We want you to feel comfortable making your purchase with us. We guarantee your satisfaction and promise to make you a Security Equipment that provides the security you need and that you will be proud to show.